Terms of Use

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0. Data, Website and Service, an online resource for the collection and processing of statistical data, is a community of people who voluntarily participate in the creation of statistical databases. aims to collect statistics with the aid of volunteers and then to make these statistics available - either via the website or in the form of a database file - to all who wish to analyse the information and look for dependencies and correlations in it. The data and access to the data are provided for free, but with the restrictions laid down in this document (for instance, in para. 4).

The term "Service" refers to the website, web pages, statistical data, other information and services primarily located on the server or the servers of its sub-domains, as well as the various databases of the website and the management systems of these databases.

Use of this Service is governed by the Terms (" Terms of Use) and by any special additional Agreements and Terms that may be agreed between you and the Service in certain extra cases.

You can only use this Service in accordance with the Terms of Use and by accepting the Terms of use unconditionally (and any additional Agreements, if they arise).

1. Your Use of the Service is at Your Own Risk

1.1. Please be aware that the Service database is created by volunteers and any Internet user can make changes to the content of the database. We advise you to bear in mind that there is always the possibility that information in the database, as well as any conclusions that you draw from it, may be imprecise or inaccurate. The Service cannot in any way guarantee the accuracy of the data and information recorded in it.

1.2 The Service is provided on an "AS IS" basis, e.g. no liability will be accepted for failure in its operation, inaccuracies in the informational content or software, secure storage of data, etc. In particular, be warned that we cannot guarantee that the Service is completely secured and protected from unauthorized access by third parties and its consequences. As a result, any data that is hidden by default could be accessed by a third party.

1.3 We ask you to bear in mind that by using, reading, contributing to changes in or distributing the Service's information, you could be violating the laws of the country in which you are located at the time of viewing the website. The Service does not encourage law-breaking: we use all information stored on the server in the Russian Federation in accordance with the rights and principles granted by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The laws of your country may not interpret the right to freedom of speech as widely as the laws of the Russian Federation or the UN Charter: in this case, the Service cannot take responsibility for potential infringements of the law by you when creating links to this website or during any other use of the Service.

VERY IMPORTANT: We ask you NOT TO ANSWER questions or contribute to the compilation of the Service's databases, if there is even the slightest risk that your answers could lead to your prosecution by any party.

1.4 Since the Service can be accessed from any location in the world with Internet access by people with a variety of religious, political, social and other views, we cannot guarantee that you will not find the information in the Service offensive or that it will not provoke protest.

This point particularly refers to: (a) questions about a person's private life and sexual relations; (b) questions that could offend particular social, cultural or religious viewpoints; (c) specific graphical elements or symbols used in the Service; (d) the possibility that the Service may contain questions or other triggers that could worsen the condition of people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders; (e) any other item of information or elements accompanying that information and that constitute the Service's pages and data.

We hereby give you warning of the risks and ask you to make responsible and independent decisions about your use of the Service.

At present, the Service allows for the placement of any kind of information and additional compositional elements; as long as they do not violate the laws of the Russian Federation, where the Service is based, or our Service policy - we try to prevent the posting of questions that could be harmful, negative or inappropriate.

1.5. The Service is not insured against any kinds of mistakes.

1.6. We try to collect and store a minimum amount of additional information that could lead to data being linked to an individual person, and, as far as we can, we try to ensure that our questionnaires ask for information on an anonymous basis. However, we cannot guarantee that no-one will ever try, and perhaps succeed, in using either openly accessible information from the Service or information not accessible to users (for example, when stolen from the Service as a result of unauthorised access) in order to link your data with your real identity.

We must also inform you that, despite all our reluctance to do so, we could be forced by a court, by law or for any other reason to pass on all the information we have to a third party.

We cannot guarantee that information or data held by the Service will not be stolen as a result of someone gaining unauthorised access to it, or that it will not be intercepted at the moment of data transfer between you and the Service, etc.


VERY IMPORTANT: We ask you NOT TO ANSWER questions or contribute to the compilation of the Service's databases, if discovery of your identity and the association of answers given (by you or by other people) with your identity could cause you harm or loss.

2. Restrictions on Terms of Use

2.1 You cannot accept the Terms of Use, and consequently, cannot use this Service, if you are under the age of majority in the country of your citizenship or in the country in which you plan to use the Service.

2.2 You do not have the right to access the Service's program source code, to decompile its programs, or to gain access to the Service's data storage systems, networks and servers by bypassing the safeguards put in place by the Service's developers (i.e. to gain unauthorised access).

3. You Understand the Conditions of your Contribution to the Compilation of Databases

3.1 If you participate in the compilation of the Service's database, for instance, by providing answers to questions (this includes during registration and account activisation), you understand that your data will be inputted to the Service's database - including your personal information and personal identification data, which will be stored on the Service and will be openly available to other users of the Service in an anonymous format (i.e. not linked to the email address and login that you have chosen).

Please also be aware that by contributing to the compilation of the Service's database, you are giving your information for free (on a voluntary basis), and you provide the Service and other users with an unlimited, permanent license (right) to use this information in an anonymous format (i.e. without making an explicit link to you).

4. License to use data from the Service

4.1. That which is created by people should belong to the people. The data in the Service's statistical database is distributed for free and in unprocessed database files or in a form resulting from statistical processing by the Service's online tools. You may use the information in the Service's database free of charge for analysis and publication of the results of your analysis, including for commercial gain, except in the following cases:

(a) Your use of the Service's data, including any conclusions you reach on the basis of the Service's data, is intended to underline social, religious, cultural or any other kind of inequality between people, and from that to conclude (or you are concerned with this conclusion some other way than participating in the database formation) that one group of people is superior to another, thus promoting viewpoints that are in contravention of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

(b) Your use of the Service's data with the aim or intention of harming a group of people or a specific individual.

(c) Your use of the Service's data in an attempt to link a specific individual with answers to questions or other information in the Service's database, using any method or any kind of behaviour. This could take the form of: using the Service's data and distributing the data and/or conclusions drawn from it, in way that attributes it to a specific individual (where you claim or have concrete evidence that the data from the Service's database relates to a specific person) without that person's consent, or when you attribute it to a person on the basis of information from illegal sources.

4.2. You understand and agree that the Service could at any time, indefinitely or for a limited period, deprive you of your license to use the Service. This could be the result of information submitted to us by a third party, including official bodies, that your use harms another person or is of a harmful character.

5. Liability for Losses Incurred

5.1. You understand and agree that the Service cannot be held liable for any losses incurred, on the basis that it is a community of volunteers who freely participate in the creation of openly available educational, cultural and informational resources. Information is submitted voluntarily and does not represent any kind of agreement or notice of intention between you and the Service regarding use and adaptation of data, outside these Terms of Use or any additional terms added at a later date. Moreover, no-one involved in this Service is responsible for adapting, editing or deleting any information that you provide to the Service or related projects.

6. Changes to the Terms of Use

6.1. The Service retains the right to occasionally make changes to the Terms of Use.

6.2. When using the Service, it is your responsibility alone to keep track of changes in the Terms of Use.

6.3. Any changes to the Terms of Use of this Service will not affect the license and terms of use of the data received from the Service before the changes were introduced.

6.4. The Service's terms of use are published on this page. Where it is necessary to apply additional terms of use, these will be brought to the users' attention separately. Information on where additional terms of use are located will be given separately.

By using this Service, you provide your unequivocal agreement and acceptance of the requirements, conditions and principles outlined in this document, on this page.